SM 016: Mendra “Tacho”

(Release date: February 2017)

Let’s be honest, guitar bands are going out of fashion, and probably they won’t be ever again. It’s been some years now that noisy guitars are not heard anymore on comercial radios for young audiences or on tv, and alternative rock’s nineties popularity is already history of another century. In this context, it’s always exciting to find three youngsters in their twenties – Paula Olivé (guitar and vocals), Sofía Ana Martori (bass) and Víctor Álvarez (drums) – forming a creative and special sounding guitar band.

Mendra is an uncut diamond. It started to shine since it’s first live act, in april 2016 and hasn’t stopped since. Tacho (Saltamarges, 2017) is their debut album, and was recorded and mixed by their friend and musical generation collegue, Borja Pérez of Please Wait, now also the right hand of Santi Garcia on the emblematic Ultramarinos Costa Brava studios from Sant Feliu de Guíxols.

At the first record spin, one can easily put the ten tracks into the punk/hardcore genre in general, but, after a while, it’s possible to visualize a bit more hidden musical landscapes that conform the bands personality: some jazzy chords (maybe due to Paula and Sofi’s classical musical background or a consequence of listening too much to “Karate”?), some Argentinean-folk inspired rhythms ( Sofi has family origins from that country) or maybe some playful bossa nova influence.

This eclectic mix has the effect, to those coming from hardcore music, of reminding us bands from labels like Touch and Go or Dischord, although they always prefer pointing out how much the gigs of their friends from Please Wait, Hurricäde, No More Lies or Mourn influenced them. In the end everything is a little big family, even more so when Victor is also a part of Tano! and Anchord, brother bands of Saltamarges. Then, it’s not by chance that the record has so collaborations of Eric Fuentes (The Unfinished Sympathy), Jazz Rodríguez (Mourn) and Borja Pérez (Please Wait).

Cara A:

1- 22

2- Bruja Del Demonio

3- Coherence

4- Everyone But Anyone

5- Fantasmes

Cara B:

6- Me Long Ah!

7- Puzzle

8- SuperGlue

9- Own Clock

10- Yocolocolocolocoloko, Yocoloko

  • Recorded and mixed on august 2016 in Ultramarinos Costa Brava by Borja Pérez del Pozo, supervised by Santi Garcia and mastered at Ultramarinos Mastering by Victor Garcia.
  • Artwork and cover picture by Julia Olivé.
  • Released in cassette by Saltamarges.