Photo: Frederic Navarro

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Autodestrucció is a melodic hardcore and punk-rock band with members of Zeidun, El Petit de Cal Eril and The Rippers, that’s like a vehicle for their front-man, the great Càndid, to spit you in the face, with raw truths expressed with a mix of anger and adolescent humor, songs over drugs, disenchantment, no-future, decadence and frustrated cops.

They released their first album at the end of 2011, “Corre, core, paralític” (Run, run, paralytic), that exposed their way of confronting the actual outlook: before letting all the shit eat your insides grab a guitar, surround yourself with those friends that never fail and shed that built-up rage in the form of sincere screams and tons of black humor.

After ravaging venues and make more than a few friends that smile when they hear how the worst of this life turns into punk-tavern hymns to chant and get hoarse, they come back with another round of hits to remind you how bad things are and how you can end if you don’t spit it out and vent your feelings like you did when you were fifteen and you listened to NOFX for the first time.