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Hurricäde wasn’t born for any particular reasons. Gerard, Oskar and André live in boring towns and share a profound passion for music. Their first rehearsals date from 2007.

After a year of intense composing and rehearsing, they hit the stages in 2008 and release their first reference on 2009, a self-titled 10″ vinyl with sounds ranging from rocking hardcore to screamo. This gives them the opportunity to continue playing on a regular basis, including a DIY european tour and their beloved Sant Feliu Fest.

Following a 3 month break in 2010 for personal reasons, hurricäde records their 2nd album, Pariah’s Pharos, which represents an evolution in the band’s sound, approaching it to mathematic rythm strucutures mixed with a good amount of screamo influences. This 10″ album is released in 2011 as a coedition between Caleiah (Madrid) and Saltamarges, featuring precious artwork by Arnau Sala.

Once again, their new record is a perfect excuse for the band to hit the road and play dozens of shows, including a spanish tour in september 2011.

2013 will be an important year for hurricäde due to their soon-to-be released third record, the result of several years of evolution and transformation in the band’s sound that have led them to find their own personal touch and style.



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