Descubriendo a Mr. Mime


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Descubriendo a Mr. Mime was born on a rainy spring of 2008 in Madrid. Rodrigo (Vocals), Daniel (Drums), Blito (Guitar) and Berto (Bass) initially started as a quartet but a few months later Willy joined the band as a second guitarist. Since 2014 Miguel, singer of the band Eros + Massacre, is in charge of bass.

They self-released their first demo in 2010. Since then they toured Spain several times and also did a european tour, publishing two splits and one LP in between. They take care of each and everyone of the editions they release, most of them designed by their singer and also artist, Rodrigo Almanegra.

In what comes to their music, they’re into the scream scene, but with a very personal style. Their songs can caress you for a moment and rip you up in a matter of seconds.

In the meantime they’re writing what will be their second LP, coming up in 2017.