About us


1. m. and f. [LC]: person used to avoid the obstacles of abrupt and difficult places.

2. m. and f. [LC]: field/country thief.

3. m. and f. [LC]: man who searches for the occasions to illicitly win the favor of women.

Saltamarges is the name behind six friends who share the same amount of passion for music and underground. Above all the rest, we believe in the indivisibillity of those two pillars to carry on projects based on hope, fun and absolute creative freedom.

The other inevitable common point is that we are all from here, the countryside, or Girona capital. Therefore, we feel part of our local independent music scene. We have all spent teenage summers camping at Sant Feliu Fest (Atzavara Club), we have all been numerous times to Sarrià de Ter’s ATV, we have all tuned in El Frenopàtic Radioshow from our homes, we have all driven to Soroll’s gigs in Vidreres and we have all seent he birth of the H-titud Fest.

We know where we come from. We don’t know where we will be tomorrow, but we know we will continue feeling emotionally connected to this space. The only thing we know is that right now the present is this grain of salt in the shape of a independent label, which organizes shows, and has just surpassed it’s first year of exsistence with a reference released while already preparing the next one. We celebrate this achievment, knowing that a long road still lies ahead of us.

Girona, 2011.